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Guest Post:: A Taste of Australia This Christmas

Hi my name is Samantha I am from blog Clumsy Mee, I am so excited to do a guest post for Naimah today. Seeing as it is getting so close to Christmas I thought I would let you know a few things about what happens in my family for Christmas. I can remember from when I was very young I have had Christmas in my veins I am big on Christmas I love wrapping presents putting up decorations of course I love unwrapping presents that are for me. Pretty much anything to do with Christmas I am there, even some Christmas carols make it into my iPod for the weeks leading up to Christmas. As I am in Australia we have our Christmas in the middle of summer which makes it a very hot day.

We still have Christmas carols and a big tree covered in decorations. There is no snow or log fire, it’s usually celebrated with a big family lunch on the bbq in the backyard or at the beach. Every family has different traditions but most of them include spending the day with the ones you love. Champagne instead of eggnog, Pavlova instead of plum pudding. But the most important thing is to spend it with family and friends. This year I am going to my boyfriend’s place for Christmas. His family is from a property about 10 hours’ drive from where we live.


Because it is west it will be so hot which I am not looking forward to but I am looking forward to spread of food that his mum will be putting on. I am contributing by making a bunch of Christmas cookie and cupcakes; also we have been roped into bringing the prawns for morning tea. What is your Christmas’s like? What traditions does your family have?

Xx Love Samantha

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