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when i first played with the idea of making DMae a full-time business i became obsessed with having a dress-form thinking that i wouldn’t be able to find a model on such short notice. i’d spotted one in the window of a local thrift store that had closed recently and did all i could to try to contact the owner. i’d seen that a lot of the fixtures were being thrown out, and want to offer to pay to have the form i’d seen.

after weeks of searching,leaving messages, and almost buying a pair of inflatable forms from amazon, i had a bright idea to ask a friend(asking for help has always been hard for me…one of m resolutions is to ask for help) if i could barrow her for the day. the pictures you see now are the result of my spending the afternoon with my best friend, listening to pandora, and having a great time.

just a few days ago i was watching a few craft tutorials on youtube and to my surprise there are tutorials out there for dress forms! why hadn’t i thought of this before?!?! i sometimes let myself have a one track mind about things once i’ve found one way of doing something. good thing i’ve decided that being flexible and going with options c through z aren’t the end of the world. all i had to do all along was to get out of my own way, simple!

above is one of the best tutorials on youtube, you can find another here by threadbanger. both seem like a great way to go! i’ll be trying this out in the new year for sure!!

what have you discovered this weekend? what are your favorite youtube tutorials?

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