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It’s just a setback, not the end

Good Morning,

Since the announcement of my kickstarter campaign, the work has not been nonstop. All of my free time has been devoted to number crunching, editing, emailing, entering and re entering information, and so much more. Although ther have been times where I’ve fallen asleep with my hands still on the keyboard, in mid conversation, and/or while eating….I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Things will come together, fall in line, and the outcome will be great! DMae is my baby and these past few months have really shown me that I’m ready and able to do anything needed to get it to the place I envision it to be.So, please do me this favor. Keep and eye out for new info here ,on facebook, and twitter. And hold me and DMC in your thought, see me pushing through the setbacks and becoming stronger for it. There are some REALLY amazing brands backing us up because they believe in DMae just as much as I do, and I’m grateful for it. 

More to come!

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What Happens Next: The Future of DMae Clothing

Hello everyone!

I know! The blog has been quiet for quite some time, and with good reason. The past 8-10 months have been spent planning, sketching, and envisioning what is to become of DMae Clothing and my relationship with it. Art has always been a first love of mine, something I can go to and reach for when I need to work out how I’m feeling. Its been a constant companion, a hobby, something I daydream about, my obsession.

How does this all relate to DMae? The months that have past have been spent learning about business, tapping the minds of some of the businesswomen I admire on pulling through, making a statement, and keeping a cool head. The end result? Taking DMae Clothing to the level I’ve always envisioned for it. To go from a hobby to a brand that you go to for beautiful, unique, limited edition clothing and accessories, with an edge that can’t be found anywhere else.

DMae is named after my MomMom Dora Mae Holmes, a woman full of love, wisdom and grace. She always encouraged me all to be true to myself and use my gifts. She never wasted a second on regret, fear or shame, she was who she was, and she was AMAZING. With the lessons learned from her, my family and friends I set out to make a way for myself and my art. And that’s where you come in… I’m excited to announce that DMae Clothing will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on June 16th!!!! I’ve partnered with some cool companies and artists to bring you some rad tiers. I hope you can help me with my dream. 

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Big things are coming, hence the blog being silent. Soon all will be revealed!!

Follow us on ig as dmae_clothing to see our collaboration with fashion blog Amen Fashio, sneak peeks, and more…..

And become a fan of fb facebook.com/itsdmaeclothing for more!!

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The birthday sale is live! Get 30% off your purchase of $20 or more when you use the code “thebig30” in our etsy shop!! Sale ends March 25th, all shoppers will receive $5 of their next purchase via email!!

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Last Day to Save!!!

Today is the last day of our 4 day sale! Head over to the Etsy shop and enter the code FridayFriday to get 40% off your purchase, Get an extra 10% off by becoming a fan on Facebook and clicking on the Etsy tab.

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The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Gooooood Morning!!

I hope that you spend everyday being thankful for the wonder people, places, and things this world has to offer, I know I do! This year we did our prep the night before, but somehow still ended up cooking all day. How?!

In celebration, we’re having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!! Today through Monday the 2nd of December get 40% off with the code “FridayFriday”!

Orders placed by 10 tomorrow night EST will be shipped on Saturday 11/30/13, those placed by 10pm EST on 12/2/13 will ship the following Wednesday 12/4/13.  

Happy Shopping!!

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How About We Do Some Catching Up

Hello All!

It’s been a while since my last blog, and I wanted to take the time to let you know how things have been going not only for DMae,but, myself as well! This past summer I became a Raw Artist, and was given the opportunity to put on my first fashion show. New pieces were created specifically for the show, and made their debut that night. It was a crazy, but amazing, experience! Makeup was provided by Kissed By Carly, styling & hair by myself, and addition help by my cousins Hireem and Dominic. 

I arrived at the venue a bit later than expected, got my models together, did our walk through, makeup  and hair, and final styling just in time to get a few photos done of everyone. I was finally able to sit down and take a breathe, after spending the week finalizing makeup and hair options, having models drop out, finding new models, and getting an extra model the day of the show! My nerves were shot to say the less, and….I ended up having to go to the ER right as folks were being let into the venue. Although I wasn’t able to see it all come together in the way I dreamed, my friends and family were able to get some great photos and told me all about it. I’m doing ok, still recovering, and have more doctor’s appointments to follow up and make sure I’m doing alright.

I, along with family and friends, participated in the Philadelphia Kidney Walk at the Philadelphia Zoo in October. My job allowed me to hold a fundraiser bake sale for three days. All of the money made at the bake sale went directly to the National Kidney Foundation, all in all we raised $1,205.00!!!!!! This is something I plan on doing every year, even after my mom receives her transplant, and DMae will continue to have sales benefiting the NKF.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support DMae and those who donated a ticket for the Raw presentation. A big thank you to those you helped out at the bake sale as well!!

Below you’ll find our runway presentation, and an interview with Raw will be posted in January, ENJOY!!!!!!

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Designer Of The Year?!

Today through October 9th, you canvote for  DMae Clothing to become Raw’s Fashion Designer of the Year and win some great prizes that would take us to a whole new level of AMAZING! Please watch this short video ( http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ItGvfnj-BZE )to get the details, head over to http://rawartists.org/DMaeClothing and vote for us as many times as possible! Your votes can make it happen!  Thank You for your support!!

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Two new items have been added to the shop! Legs (above) and Rose (below)

You can get both at the shop, in addition to our Kidney Walk Sale, out shipping costs have be reworked! SO! Don’t forget to use the code kidneywalk now through Sunday the 6th to save!! 

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The Philadelphia Kidney Walk Sale!

New items are being added to Etsy this weekend @ http://dmaeclothing.etsy.com ALL proceeds from today through October 6th go toward my efforts to raise $200.00 for The Philadelphia Kidney walk and The National Kidney Foundation shop for a great cause! Use the code: kidneywalk and get 20% off you purchase!

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